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Spiritual Warfare & Exorcism Conference

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Thursday - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday, October 26, 2018 - 9:00 am - 12:00 PM

TOPICS Some of the topics to be discussed at this conference include, Biblical Cosmology:  Angels & Demons, Exorcism in Scripture, Psychological Dynamics of Demonization, Diagnosis of a True Possession:  Degrees of Demonization, and more.

Dr. T. Craig Isaacs is a clinical psychologist practicing psychotherapy and spiritual formation in Marin County, California.  He is a priest of the Anglican Church in North America and author of works integrating psychology and religion.  Dr. Isaacs' latest book, "In Bondage to Evil", is available from Amazon.

  • St. Peter & St. Paul's Anglican Church152 Metcalfe StreetOttawa, ON, K2P 0A1Canada (map)

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to Sep 24

Sunday, September 23, Special Speaker, Teen Challenge - We were blessed!

Sunday, September 23 we had Steve Prendergast as the speaker.  Steve is the leader for Teen Challenge a rehabilitation center now opening in Renfrew area.  This center is for teens and adults trying to break their addictions to drugs and alcohol.  This was timely as we emerge into a new world with the Trudeau government legalizing drugs in this country in October.  Much to learn and much to hear from Steve.

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to May 17

It was an Exciting evening - Special speaker from Israel - May 16

It was a special evening event,  May 16, 7:15 pm at our church. We had a very rare and inspiring opportunity to learn first hand about the current situation in Israel and the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith.  We were truly blessed.

Rev. Aaron Eime is a popular and engaging, international Bible teacher also educated at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and currently teaching at the Alexander Biblical School of Learning. He and his young family live in Israel for the past 20 years.  He is a deacon for the only Protestant church in Jerusalem, Christ Church Anglican in the ancient city.  I have stayed in the residence there and heard Aaron speak twice. He is representing Christian Mission to Jews, (CMJ) - Israel and a highly respected mission engaging in evangelism to Jews.  I am a member of CMJ and very thankful for this ministry that is bringing Jews to their promised Messiah, Yeshua... Jesus.  Aaron brings the Hebraic roots of our Scriptures to life.  And he can talk about life in Jerusalem as a Christian in ministry. It’s very interesting to hear about evangelism in Jerusalem  - how CMJ Israel accomplishes this.

          Rev. Sharon Hayton, also a priest in ANIC from Victoria and chair of CMJ Canada spoke on Jeremiah 31 and we were blessed.  It was ideal for anyone who wants to discover information about the roots of Christianity. 

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to May 11


Our Eternal Hope Anglican ANNUAL PANCAKE SUPPER. served Delicious pancakes smothered in real Maple Syrup, grilled breakfast sausages.  We raised $404.25 all in donations presented to Carleton Place Memorial Hospital dedicated to MRI equipment.  

Saturday, Feb. 25  your Eternal Hope bowling team raised $225.00.  THANK YOU Dolly our team leader, Cam, Ben and Dave for your incredible bowling.  Eternal Hope Bowling Fund Raiser for Big Brothers and Sisters.

Our amazing kitchen crew created a DELICIOUS SPAGHETTI DINNER at Eternal Hope, for many people, Thursday, May 25.  It was great FUN and good conversations.   We raised $449.00 in a free will offering for the Carleton Place Memorial Hospital equipment fund.  Great guitar music provided by Indy Forrest.  

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